The first and only online course on Reels designed specifically for artists like you!
It will change your Instagram game for good, transforming a time-consuming burden into an effective marketing & sales tool.

Learn how to get confident with Reels and grow your following, attracting the right people that'll buy your art!
Student growth records after the course:
You will learn how to:
- create engaging video content that brings engagement to your art account
- always come up with ideas easily, and not burnout after a month
- maximize your reach, without spending your entire life on Instagram (and actually have time to create art and run your business)
- create Reels that will be prioritized by the algorithms
- grow your account organically without paying for ads
- build a strong artist brand on Instagram that'll attract your target audience
and more
  • 65 lessons
    divided in 7 blocks.
    The lessons are from 3 to 20 minutes long - you can binge them without getting tired!
  • 3 months access
    All course contents are pre-recorded and available for self-paced learning - just login and watch the lessons on your own time
  • 3 weeks of live support
    a Telegram chat with my feedback & support will be active during the first 3 weeks since the course start date
Let me guess.
You've probably tried...
  • Posting a lot of Reels with your art process and got good views on some, but didn't see new followers coming in
  • Following trends and making videos with trending sounds, only to consider that effort wasted
  • Googling information on how to make Reels work but couldn't piece all the answers together
  • Filming both yourself and your art for Reels but weren't happy with how the videos turned out
  • Posting Reels occasionally, being confused about what they're supposed to look like, and wondering if you belong on Instagram at all if this is so hard
Do any of these situations sound familiar?
What you'll get is a combination of a system and a strategy.
Stop guessing, being confused and disappointed, and start creating Reels that will bring you views, engagement, and most importantly followers - that are most likely to buy art from you.
  • Algorithms
    You will learn what kind of content gets prioritized for the viewers and use this knowledge to create videos that strategically target the audience you want to attract
  • Formats
    Understand which kinds of videos would work best in Reels and what mistakes to avoid in order to not see low views anymore
  • Examples
    About 150+ Reel examples illustrating best practices, success stories and typical beginner mistakes in Reels
  • Made for artists
    The materials are specifically adapted to the creative niche - the course is created for visual artists like you!
Yes!ArtReels is a place where you get the guidance, results, and personal support.
These are the student statistics: 1 month after the course started:
We will look at the best reel examples out there and learn from real cases of real artists that have grown their following on Reels to 100k and over (and are getting paid for their art as you're reading this).
The highlights of previous Yes!ArtReels courses
The students who have actively followed the course, asked for advice & got feedback in the chat, and created Reels consistently, have grown their following already during the course. This is how they did it:
This is what you will find inside:
How it's going to work
Self-paced learning
All lessons are pre-recorded and available to you for 3 months from the course start date. Watch and practice on your own time, whenever you want!
Chat with my support
There will be a chat to ask questions, get help and share experiences with other course participants. I will be present in the chat daily for 3 weeks, answering questions and giving advice on your Reels.
Practice right away
The course is packed with ideas and inspiration - you will get the best results if you start using those ideas right away!
It's not just theory - there are tools you can start using right away and see the difference in your Reels performance.
The enrolment is currently closed. Follow @yes.artmarketing on Instagram for updates on the next reopening!
Yes!ArtClub: the ultimate solution for artists on Instagram
Your tool to easily stay consistent
& produce quality content for your art-loving community EVERY DAY
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