Painting is more than just a hobby. You deserve to enjoy every minute of it!
If you're here, you're probably into painting :) Chances are, you're looking for ways to improve your skills and become more confident in your creative process.
Let me give you a virtual hug! You're doing an amazing job by not only pursuing your passion, but looking to get better at it and be more proud of yourself.

I feel for you.

When I started teaching painting, I've learned that what stops most beginners from improving their skills are mental blocks like fear of failure, or perfectionism, not the actual lack of "talent" or art school education. Which is great, because it's totally fixable!
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But let me first tell you a few words about myself and how I became a painting instructor (and what you can learn from me that'll make your painting practice more fun already today :)

I took up painting as a therapeutic hobby after I had moved to Italy to be with my new husband. I had been working in the language travel industry for several years until then (that was back in Russia, my home country), and the proposal happened while I was finishing my Masters studies in Dublin, in 2016. It was a happy and quick "yes" after a a year of a long distance relationship :)

So I moved to Italy, having left pretty much everything I knew behind. While that was brave and romantic decision, which I don't have any regrets about, I do think I should have at least learned some language beforehand…

I had no friends or family near, I didn't speak italian, I had pretty much no plan, and I had to learn and build everything from scratch. Well, even after my rich traveling & studying abroad background, I was hard. It took me a while to admit that I had underestimated the challenge, and I didn't reach out for help in time, so I fell into a pretty serious depression. After a while, with the help of my amazing husband, therapy and medication, I started crawling my way out of that dark place… But my healing journey truly started only when I discovered that when I painted, I forgot about the bad stuff.
I only felt joy when I was painting.
Of course, I got hooked, and even when I got better, I already couldn't stop!
Fast forward 2 years
Fast forward 2 years
I've made significant improvements with my skills, done a bunch of courses and workshop (both on and offline), fell in love with oils, read countless books on composition, still life and landscape painting, I started selling my art online and making my hobby pay for itself.
1 more year later
1 more year later
I actually made profits with selling my art and I couldn't even believe it. I would ship my paintings overseas and still be shocked it was happening. But I've continued to practice, improving my skills and gaining more confidence.
End of 2020
End of 2020
My instagram inbox has collected an insane amount of workshop requests. People kept asking if I have any lessons for them to follow… and I honestly didn't feel ready, I didn't even think I had anything to teach people (Impostor syndrome in all its glory :)), but I decided to give it a try.
January 2021
January 2021
I started publishing simple video tutorials of my favourite subjects - fruits, vegetables and flowers, and as they gained popularity among my followers, I've realised that my knowledge and skills as a self taught painter were valuable to people. This I got after hearing so many times "thanks for explaining [the topic] so clearly! I never fully understood it until now"
I've talked a lot to people that were buying my lessons, and it brought me to the idea of launching a full course for beginners that would guide them through the process of creating a painting from scratch - so they'd know how to approach the idea, how to plan a painting, key steps, the whole process.

I published two painting courses in 2021, and I am planning to do more (if you're reading this in 2025, it means I've been so busy since then, I forgot to update this text :))

After having talked to over a 100 students in that first year, I realised that my mission there was not so much as to teach them the actual painting skills, but to help them learn TO LEARN. Point their attention to the things that would guide them further. Help them shake off the anxiety and show where to look for confidence. Because that's the path I walked myself. I do know what it's like to be TRYING on your own, at home, with all life distractions around you, and the world not taking you seriously.
I know what it's like to be passionate about something and making efforts to grow in that direction. That's what helps me understand the needs of my students and answer them.
And if you're looking for help on your artistic journey, I'm here for you. We're going to figure it out together, all of it.
  • If you feel like your painting skills need improvement but you're not sure what you're missing and what should be your next step to take;
  • If you struggle with finding ideas for your art, or want to find your own style and genre;
  • If you want to try your painting ideas on canvas without being afraid of failure
  • If you're struggling to find time for painting in your busy life and want to spend that little time more effectively and be satisfied with your results

I'm here for you. It's all possible. We can do it, and you can do it.
I have a bunch of free resources to get you started with my Joyful Art Academy.
Check them out HERE - and join the community!
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