Yes!ArtClub: the ultimate solution for artists on Instagram
Your tool to easily stay consistent
& produce quality content for your art-loving community EVERY DAY
What is Yes!ArtClub?
- it's a subscription-based membership made specifically for artists that do (or want to do) business on Instagram & sell their art online

- each member of Yes!ArtClub receives 30 content ideas at the beginning of every month. The ideas are adaptable and reusable for different formats: Reels, Stories, Carousels, and Static posts

- no more breaking your head over "what to post", "how to stay consistent", "what to make reels and stories about" and "how to add personal content to it"

- receive your 30 ideas every month, use them in any way you'd like & keep your art blog active, interesting and engaging for your community!
How does the membership work?
  • - 30 content ideas in your inbox monthly
    The content ideas are adaptable to any format - reels, carousel posts, stories, and even LIVE broadcasts. They work for any art niche too!
    You won't need to torture your brain trying to come up with what to post, what to say in the caption, or how to keep your followers engaged. You will get enough ideas to post in your art blog EVERY DAY - staying consistent has never been this easy :)
  • - Guidance & examples of how to use the ideas
    You'll receive instructions on how to make the most of these ideas: you'll be able to repurpose the content for different formats and create more engagement in your blog on a regular basis!
  • - An exclusive online community space for the members
    As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to the closed Facebook group for all the members, where you can ask questions, get advice, exchange ideas and experiences with other artists, learn and support each other
  • - A small monthly subscription fee
    Pay the most affordable price (the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee) for a frustration-free Instagram for as long as you need it. Save yourself hours of brainstorming every week, and spend those hours creating art, like you've always wanted.
BONUS: each subscriber gets a pdf guide on professional IG page packaging
with step by step instructions on how make your art account
IRRESISTIBLE for your potential followers and collectors
Consistency makes all the difference on Instagram.
It's more important than the quantity or even the quality of your content, yet so many artists struggle with showing up regularly on the platform.
If you're one of them, let's change that.
What you will get by signing up TODAY:
  • A list of 30 content ideas for the current month
    Yes, even if it's already the middle or the end of the month! You'll be able to use it RIGHT AWAY and create tons of content for your art blog easily
  • Instructions and guidance
    On how to use the ideas in the best way - learn to make the most of it & create better content
  • Access to the community
    Enter the exclusive space for members only, where you can meet other artists on the same journey as you
  • A BONUS pdf guide on professional page packaging
    Use it to get rid of the most common mistakes in your account and start running it like a pro.
Join Yes!ArtClub today:
10 per month*
*The first month is €12, every following month is €10. You will be charged right away for the first month and then every 1st day of each upcoming month until you cancel the subscription.
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