Are you tired of putting all the time and effort into marketing your art, but not seeing the results you want?
You're not alone.

Many artists face the problem of ineffective marketing when they try to appeal to a broad audience by not targeting specific demographics or niches. This can lead to a lack of interest from any particular group, resulting in poor sales.

If an artist tries to appeal to everyone, their marketing message may become diluted, making it difficult for potential fans to understand what makes the artist unique.

But there is a solution!

A more effective approach would be for the artist to identify their target audience and tailor their marketing efforts to that group, which will increase the chances of making a connection with potential fans and ultimately lead to better sales.

That's why I want to introduce you to my mini-course, "Target audience for artists".
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When you know your ideal customer and know how to get your followers excited about purchasing art from you, your entire Instagram approach becomes easier and more intuitive. Because you KNOW who you're talking to. You make content for THEM, and they hear you.

No more guessing and wasting time on content that doesn't work - learn about YOUR target audience and get ready to convert your content into cash from art sales!
What will you get from the mini-course
It's a practical course: no abstract theories & wasting of your time. The course contains clear instructions, and steps to take to learn about your audience & get art sold faster.
Get to know your ideal customer
- Where to look for the information & how to collect data on your potential customers
Organize your knowledge
- How to segment your audience & "draw a portrait" of your ideal follower
Use the data for your content
- How to attract potential customers through Reels & mistakes to avoid
- How to get art sold through stories & posts, using the content strategy
Mini-course "Target audience for artists":
The course contents will be available for self-paced learning as soon as you sign up.

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