online sales &instagram marketing for artists
Individual consultation
If you have difficulties navigating through Instagram growth & selling art online, or maybe you don't even know how to start selling your artworks and need help with figuring out the next steps,
I'll be happy to answer your questions and give you personalized guidance.

Let's check if an individual consultation is what you need:
  • Beginner
    You've been painting for a while, and maybe sold a few artworks, and would now like to sell more of them, and don't know what are the steps to take
  • Explorer
    You've tried growing your Instagram account and selling artworks online, but you're not managing to attract the right audience and not sure about your overall strategy on the platform
  • Advanced
    You've been selling art through Instagram consistently for a while, but faced difficulties with all the platform updates of the last years, you need help adapting to changes & developing a new strategy that would fit your brand
What will I get after the consultation?
  • Clear answers to your questions;
    A list of mistakes and the solutions on how to fix them right away, and improve your business;
    An action plan for the next steps.
  • Recommendations and guidance on further Instagram growth + sales and marketing tools to implement in your content
  • Motivational boost & inspiration!
— What if my situation doesn't fit any of the descriptions but I still need help?
— Reach out to me through DMs on Instagram (@yes.artmarketing account), we'll discuss your situation and schedule a meeting if you need it.
Individual consultation | Zoom | 60 minutes
You will receive an email with a link to book your appointment after the payment
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