1:1 Marketing & Istagram coaching for artists
Individual work with me to get a customised strategy for your art account
A 1:1 coaching package includes:
- 4-5 weeks of active work on your art account
- theory, practice, guidance, and support
- weekly Zoom calls (4 calls, 60 min each)
- weekly practical tasks (homework)
- feedback and ideas for further growth
In our 1:1 marketing & Instagram coaching sessions you will:
- learn how YOU can grow on Instagram and what you should be doing in your account to make that happen;
- define the UNIQUE elements about your art and yourself that would get your content to stand out and attract the potential collectors
- understand the principles of content creation & what you should be doing to make YOUR content perform well
- understand what to post in your account and for what purpose (in reels, stories, and static posts) and start building a bank of content ideas
- learn how to communicate with your audience and sell your art online, with the help of marketing & sales techniques
What clients say about 1:1 coaching:
Tahni Osterman
Seoul, South Korea
1:1 coaching with Natalia helped me to address the holes in my social media presence and gave me confidence to start paving my own path onto the instagram art scene. She pointed out that all of us have something unique to bring to the table and there is definitely room for everyone to find their own success. I found it extremely helpful when we sat down and talked out different reel ideas and how I could tailor them to my art and my audience. Just this morning I woke up with over a hundred notifications on a recent reel that I posted!
Sonja Hofer
Munich, Germany
I have to say that a few months ago it took me a lot of effort to transfer money to a stranger that I accidentally discovered via social media in the hope that there was a real person behind the account and that I would also invest in a course that would help me grow my art business. It was definitely worth it! The 1:1 coaching was packed with information about marketing, Instagram insights, and growing my account organically and I'm really amazed at how much you know. You have helped me a lot from building my profile to concretizing my niche and how to address the right target group. Thank you for your time and effort in explaining everything and encouraging me not to give up. I look forward to implementing everything we discussed in the near future!
Jessica Cowan
Boston, USA
I loved working with Natalia! She helped me find the confidence to post more authentic content online which has already been seeing results! The knowledge I've gained I will continue to use and can't wait to see where I'm able to go with my art! I am now part of the Yes!ArtClub as well and love all the content ideas in there!
Maria Pranka
Riga, Latvia
First of all - my decision to start 1:1 coaching sessions with Natalia was a rushed one. I didn't think t about it well and it was guided mostly by emotions and wasn't conscious. Why? Cause during the free introduction session I understood how cool is Natalia, and how we match and my first intention was just to chat with her more like with a fellow artist.
Second stage - I wasn't a newbie in selling techniques, all this Insta stuff, etc, but after our first full-time session I understood how Natalia aligned all my thoughts, all random knowledge, and filled all the gaps.
I can't tell how surprised I was when I have had learned a giant amount of new info, that I hadn't thought about earlier.
Final part. Conclusions. After this coaching pack I have +50% IG followers growth, my first 5 sales completed, strategy for the near and far future, map in my head with different opportunities, which I can take or can pass. I want to say thank you, Natalia, so much for bringing this joy of artist's confidence to me 🖤
And did I mention I was the first Natalia's coachee? Oh, but I was. Can't imagine what she's capable of now 😏
Pennie Shamah
New York
You taught me that not everything is competition and opened my eyes to a whole new outlook - not to compare yourself to anyone else which is something I struggled with before! I've seen so much growth and engagement on my account and I really have you to thank. I constantly tell my husband "Natalia really changed my life"" and he's also so thankful for you! I know you will continue to inspire other artists and help them grow! This is the first time in my life that I'm actually confident in my art and confident that I will attract the right people to it, and I really couldn't have reached this place in my life without you. So thank you so much and I hope to take more courses with you in the future because I really do believe you have endless knowledge to share!❤️
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1:1 coaching is for you, if
- You're taking your first steps as an artist on Instagram and don't have a clear idea of what YOU should be doing or how to market your art on this platform

- You've started selling art, but have no strategy and you're tired of guessing every next move

- You are confused about what to do on Instagram in general and constantly feel frustrated with it

- You don't understand what your niche and target audience are, and how to reach people who would buy from you

- Your art sales are occasional and you'd like to make them more stable

-You have a good understanding of your business and how it works, but need to bump ideas off of another professional artist and get peer feedback on strategies and generally just stop carrying it all alone

- You're ready to work and take action right away: this is not a theoretical course, 1:1 coaching requires your commitment and active participation
1:1 coaching results & client stories
  • Maria
    After a month of coaching, Maria made her first art sale through Instagram and booked a $1500 commission. She found her authentic voice on Instagram & started promoting her art confidently, which resulted in getting into 2 shows in the same year.
  • Lark
    Lark mastered content making and gained confidence with Instagram; she found her niche and unique formula for Reels which resulted in +30k follower growth and an increase in art sales through Instagram.
  • Pennie
    Pennie focused on defining her art niche and target audience; we've created a bank of content ideas for further growth and building a community around her art. She also created lead magnets to grow the email list, and started making sales after the coaching.
  • Ossob
    Ossob learned how to create content about her art that would attract non-artists to her account. We've also defined the unique elements of her personal brand and started building a bank of content ideas for confident art promotion.
    She launched her website and started offering art for sale.
  • Tahni
    Tahni has been selling her art outside of Instagram for a while, before coming to the InstaArtSales Bootcamp and 1:1 coaching. In four sessions, we established the target audience for Tahni's art, and created a content map for her art account. After optimizing her page and a few weeks of consistent content creation, Tahni made her first sale to a stranger online
  • Sonja
    Sonja came to 1:1 coaching for help with starting on Instagram as an artist, to learn how to market her art on the platform. We defined her art niche and content pillars, and made decisions on the overall aesthetical theme of the account. Sonja walked away with a plan to keep growing her account, attracting the target audience.
1:1 Marketing & Instagram coaching for artists (4 sessions package)
The package includes 4 meetings (weekly or bi-weekly); please contact me through email or DM @yes.artmarketing about nearest availability, since the spots are limited every month.
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