A 7-days intensive training for artists & creatives:
- how to organically grow on Instagram
- personal brand, content strategy, target audience - make the most of your account
- how to attract the right people & convert them into art buyers
- marketing & sales tools for art sellers
- building customer loyalty & stabilizing income from art sales

Instagram is the #1 platform for artists and makers worldwide to promote their products. With the right strategy, you will be able to grow your account and turn your followers into art collectors.
The key is to connect with the right audience, keep their interest and engagement, and create excitement when offering your art for sale.

I will tell you how to do it consistently - following the strategy, creating quality content easily and without burnout.
The program
See what you're going to learn on each day of the bootcamp:
How it's going to work
Daily Zoom webinars
Each day there will be a LIVE meeting on Zoom, always at the same time (6 pm Central European time). Due to the time difference between many other locations, the webinars will be RECORDED and available for participants to watch anytime they want
Chat with my support
There will be a chat to ask questions, get help and share experiences with other BootCamp participants. I will be present in the chat 8 hours a day, for the entire week, to help you with your questions. Chat will stay open also after the Bootcamp is over.
Forever access
The recordings of the webinars will be available to you forever; once they're recorded, you'll get links to download and keep them for as long as you need.
What students say:
Thank you for the great bootcamp! It was just what I needed at this moment. Your teaching was so practical and covered many topics that now I have a clear idea what to do with my art sales. The tips on reels and the mentoring chat were especially helpful!
Anni, Finland
Even though I haven't finished all the sessions yet I feel like I learned so much and I feel super motivated to keep growing my page which no doubt will hopefully lead to sales in the future! Thanks very much for your time with it all!💖
Corrin, UK
InstaArtSales Bootcamp was definitely a course I was looking for. Everyday we have learnt new and very important lessons. Now I know what to focus on! After bootcamp I also know that I can achieve my goals and dreams. I would recommend it to anyone who starts its adventure with art on instagram. :)
Alicja, Poland

It was definitely my lucky day when I found Natalia's Instagram Bootcamp offer. I had been procrastinating for several years about selling my art online but I just put it off thinking I could never figure out all the tricks of Instagram. Fortunately I took a chance and the whole week was so informative and easy to understand that I lost my fear and have been using all her knowledge to my own advantage. Don't hesitate. Natalia is great and you'll definitely benefit from the class.
Leigh, USA
The enrollment is now closed.
The new edition of InstaArtSales Bootcamp is coming in November 2022;
the new dates will be announced shortly.
To stay updated, please follow @yes.artmarketing on Instagram.
Thank you!
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