Recommended supplies
for UK & Ireland based artists
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Choose a tabletop easel that would fit your space or go for a large full-size one, if you're planning to work with large canvases. Or choose a flexible option - a foldable easel, that you can also take with you to paint outside. I've picked the most popular and comfortable models for you
Canvases and supports
Whether you prefer stretched canvases or canvas panels, or maybe paper for oils, or gesso boards - here are the options of trustworthy brands with good price/quality ratio. The advice is to try all surfaces, to understand what works best for you
Oil paints
Choose from there high quality sets, suitable for beginners - containing all basic colors
Brushes & palette knives
Sets of natural or synthetic bristle brushes for you painting practice, plus palette knives for painting and palette cleaning
Other necessities
Additional items, necessary for your painting practice: these are cheap & good
These are books that are helpful for any beginner artist, and not only. I recommend all of them, since they contain lots of useful theory and practical tasks.
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