Sold paintings

These artworks have been sold and cannot be copied.
However, if you would like, it is possible to purchase a high quality print of any of these paintings.
The sizes given are those of the original paintings.
Depending on print size and your preferences, it is possible to do a print on photo paper or canvas. Please contact me for ordering!

When the sun goes down
50x50 cm
Apples on teal
30x30 cm
Sparkling olives
30x30 cm
Forget me not
30x30 cm
Cherry season
40x40 cm
It's windy
30x40 cm
Happy little cherries
30x30 cm
Red apple
18x25 cm
Asparagus and friends
18x25 cm
A hot day
30x40 cm
Unexpected bouquet
24x24 cm
Tender roses
24x30 cm
Lovely evening
18x24 cm
Poppy flowers
18x18 cm
Sunny flower
20x20 cm
Poppies at sunset
40x50 cm
Ocean wave
50x50 cm
A bit wavy
18x24 cm
18x25 cm
Poppies in the field
20x20 cm
A good day
24x24 cm
30x40 cm
About delivery
My studio is located in the province of Crotone, Calabria, south of Italy. If you live nearby, it is possible to come and pick up a painting that you like from me personally. I also ship in Europe and internationally - shipping option is available when you purchase online. Please, contact me if you have any questions.
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