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A friend of mine regularly buys fresh flowers for her home - and it makes her feel taken care of. Another friend is crazy about makeup and can spend hours choosing a lipstick - and it's a self-care time for her. My cat comes to me in the morning while I'm still in bed, and I feel guilty for spending extra minutes snuggling with her instead of getting up and starting my super effective well-planned day. However, little things are crucially important for preventing a burnout. The harder we push ourselves through challenges, not letting a minute of distraction and relax, the more we lose focus. It's that easy. Simple pleasures need to be allowed in life, they are essential for getting the "big things" done without a breakdown (science says so!).
So, when you have a chance to take a break and have that cocoa with marshmallows, or to get out of office early and have a walk - do that. This is a way out of routine, and it's a life saviour.
Surround yourself with people you love and things that make you feel good. With that I can help you!
So, what is it that brings you joy?


Fruit and vegetables

Still life and flowers

Nature and seascapes

About delivery
My studio is located in the province of Crotone, Calabria, south of Italy. If you live nearby, it is possible to come and pick up a painting that you like from me personally. I also ship in Europe and internationally - shipping option is available when you purchase online. Please, contact me if you have any questions.
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