March 20 - April 2
Yes!ArtChallenge: 14 days
Consistency & easy content making
Join the challenge to
- give your art account a reach & engagement boost
- learn to make interesting & valuable content for your art admirers
- have fun running your Instagram without breaking your head over what to post and how
The challenge will last 14 days.

Each day you will receive 2 content tasks:
one for stories and one for the feed (reel or post/carousel).

The tasks will include the idea itself and the guidance on how to present it (possible footage, hooks, call-to-actions, storytelling advice)

All you need to do is use the ideas and follow the guidance, post the content, have fun, and watch your engagement go up :)
The catch is, consistent quality content DOES bring you new followers and sales.

This is your first step towards getting your art sold. Try and see for yourself!

The challenge enrollment is now closed.
Wait for new reopening in 2023!
The updates on the challenge and other courses will be
published in @yes.artmarketing on Instagram
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